The term “big things” can mean many, um, things. As long as they’re big, that is. Fortunately (unless, of course, you got here by Googling something like “big hairy elephant nads”), I’m talking about “big things” as in big plans, ideas and other intangible types of items that aren’t large mammal balls.

For instance, here’s a big one (thatswhatshesaid!) — I’m moving to Santiago, Chile in October. This isn’t just a plan or idea anymore, though. It’s a reality: I have a ticket; I have a place to live; I have a purpose; and most importantly, I’ve given my 30-day notice to my current landlord here. I’m definitely leaving DC on October 1.

Which mean, yes, I’m shutting the proverbial doors — the peeflaps, if you will — on my first real foray into blogging, The Anti DC. Really, at this point, it’s yesterday’s dumpster baby. Of course, it’s been good to me. (I won’t go into here mostly because you can read all that corny sh*t over there if you’re so inclined.) But it’s time to start something new. I’ve got a brand new e-bastard child to care for — Marissa’s Big Adventure. It’s gonna be like Pee-Wee’s, but even more ridiculous. You’ll see.

But unlike The Anti DC, which had a pretty obvious theme, in this space anything goes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still do my fair share of complaining, I’ll maybe even write a post or two pertaining to DC as I continue to chronicle my move. Moreover, you can count on me providing the Internet with my culture of complaining about the same thing 500 times as I continue on with my life outside of DC. The biggest difference here will be that alongside my brand of bitching I will also use this space to sort out the jumble of mush in my head that some might call thoughts, propogate my unwanted opinion on various issues I probably don’t know enough about to comment on, and maybe — just maybe — post some snippets of fiction as I continue writing my debut novel, which will most certainly be published and later turned into a lucrative Hollywood movie starring such stars as Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis, Oscar-winner Kate Winslet, Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman and Oscar-winner naked-puppy-lover David Hasselhoff.

You know, just because I'm no longer "The Anti DC," doesn't mean I need to come up with fresh material...

You know, just because I'm no longer "The Anti DC," doesn't mean I need to come up with fresh material...

I look forward to keeping in touch with those of you who were kind enough to read my musings on The Anti DC as well as meet new e-friends who want to e-join me on my random, but tight globe-trekking adventures to come.

In the words of my soon-to-be ex-doorman Vince, “Life is like a bowl of noodles. You just gotta suck it up.” Things change. People change. Blogs change.

Luckily, my love of Family Guy and their irreverent clown rape jokes will never change.