While my video blogs will probably never be as awesome as Qaadir’s 13-minute rants about bad breath (“I’m seeing all types of mess in your mouth!”), they’re at least hopefully not as bad as, well…

OK, all vlogs are pretty bad in comparison to Qaadir’s…

But hey, I thought I’d try to pull a little something together on the last day in DC.

I’ll, um, miss it?

Ha! Gotchya! (I won’t miss it that much…surprise…)

And as a reward for bothering to watch the hot mess above (or as a means to bypass the aforementioned hot mess and still get some entertainment out of this post), allow me to present Qaadir’s tale about being turned down for a job at McDonalds’s. (“Did this bitch just ask me for a resume? Does she not realize that this is motherf*cking McDonalds?”) Classic.

E-see you from Santiago!