I’m taking a break. Well, not from blogging, mind you, but from blogging about life-changing things like love. Well, that’s not even exactly true. As you’ll see in my first foray into vlogging from Chile, I quite love empanadas.

So does Jesus, who hangs rather menacingly above my bed in my host family’s apartment. Yes, it would seem they’re Catholic. Surprise!

And actually, I think the Lord made me nervous. (This isn’t my best vlog ever…) So in the case you want to save three minutes of your life, I’ll summarize the other points I touched upon besides my love of Chilean baked goods: it’s still kind of chilly here (it’s chilly in Chile, LOL!); Chileans seem to like it that way; and, perhaps most unsurprisingly, I’m a huge nerd.

And on that note, I’ll go back to conjugating verbs. Enjoy!