Not to turn this place of scholarly writing into the junkyard known as Facebook or Twitter, but since I haven’t blogged for a while (or as we say in the e-streets, blizogged for a while), I thought I’d let my two regular readers know that, indeed, I am still alive. I have completed the Inca Trail, which was simultaneously the best and worst time of my life (epic vlog post forthcoming), and am now back in Cusco getting ready to start more intensive Spanish lessons and move in with a Peruvian family.

But let’s return to the Inca Trail right quick. In a three sentence summary, I’ll simply say it turns out my motto, “It’s just walking; how hard can it be?” was really stupid. It’s more like 72-plus hours of parkour, with the added benefit of squat toilets covered in other people’s dysentery. But, it was unforgettable and I would do it all over again in altitude-sickness-affected heartbeat.