But that’s just a consequence, I suppose, that happens when the Internet goes down…IN THE ENTIRE CITY.

But better late than never, right?

Actually, in this case, it’d probably have been smarter never to have made this video, which I did the night before I embarked on the Inca Trail. Sure it’s anti-climatic, since it’s pretty clear I actually survived, but whatever. I took the time to embarrass myself in video format, so I might as well just follow through and further ruin my chances of ever getting a job again.

In the meantime, the developing world’s concept of WiFi is trying its darndest to upload the actual Trail video, which, to give you a hint about its upcoming epicness, I entitled, “Near Death on the Inca Trail!” If you thought I looked a hot, moist mess in this video, hold onto your Inca L.L. Cool J hats…you have no idea…