I’ve made no secret of my narcissism over the past years (yes, YEARS) of blogging. I carefully control my e-image, by choosing only to post flattering pictures, you know, like this one, for example, or this one (ZING!). So the fact that I’m even posting this next video, which features all-too-extreme closeups of my pallid, sickly visage along with my apparently extremely prominent lower lateral incisors, is kind of a big deal. Now you know why I love Norm Coleman’s da Vinci™ veneers so much — opposite attract!

Anyfangs,* if you still e-love me (or can bear to look at me) after this, then I thank you for your unconditional support because, seriously, it ain’t pretty. In fact, it’s barely alive. And it’s most definitely dressed like a Grade-A asshole. With dysentery or some similar developing world affliction.


And with that lovely introduction, please join me on the Inca Trail…

*And speaking of fangs, I procured the first two seasons of True Blood for the Third World price of about $6. Life really is terrific!