Because one just wasn’t enough, I bought an additional Cosby sweater before leaving Peru. (Indeed, I am in Quito, Ecuador, right now.) Anyway, I got in an argument last night with a douche, who had the nerve to disrespect one of my Cosby sweaters. Strangely, the one he thought low enough to LOL at till he just about soiled his pantalons, is the one I think is the more tasteful of the two.

“It’s like that sweater from Bridget Jones!” he said between guffaws. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “Isn’t it funnier how clearly you remember Bridget Jones, douche?”

But fashionably challenged chic-flick movie lovers aside, I’ve decided to hold a poll. Which Cosby sweater is the least offensive?

Option 1, which you’ve seen before:

And another, Option 2, which your virgin eyes have yet to behold:

I know which camelid Cosby sweater is my favorite. But which one are you laughing less at?