Although I spent most of the evening watching the Puppy Bowl VI, I still managed to catch some of the Superbowl last night. In particular, I caught the halftime show, which I thought was awesome because I love all those theme songs from the CSI shows.

I kid. Unlike The View’s resident surpremetard Sherri Shepard, I know who The Who is. (And, yes, I admit to having watched The View to find that out.)

Anywho (ha!), I thought The Who was an awesome choice. I love ’em. That is, I love ’em enough to own their greatest hits. But there was one big problem — Pete Townshend’s gut.

Wardrobe malfunction.

And as much as I appreciate the classic two-snaps-up-in-a-circle-formation method for banging out a power-chord, I also appreciate the use of a sturdy undershirt. Seriously, if there’s ever a time to don a ‘beater and not look like a douche, this was it.


By the way, congratulations to Jake the chihuaua-pug for being named MVP (Most Valuable Puppy). I think it was well-deserved.