If you’ve read this blog or my previous blog in the past, you may have noticed that among my love of very mature gastrointestinal humor, imaginary helper animals and Putin on the Ritz, I have a bit of a thing for camelid Cosby sweaters.

I’ll admit it. I love animals who produce yarn — sheep, alpaca, angora goats. I mean, what a brilliant and useful renewable resource! In fact, I have so much faith in these camelids, that I’m sure there’s a way to solve the energy crisis with this information. They say if you put enough monkeys and typewriters in a room, one will inevitably produce MacBeth. Well, I say if we put enough llamas and cars with empty gas tanks in a room, one will inevitably produce fuel.

However, apparently if you would replace the vehicles with people, they would just KILL YOU and EAT YOUR HANDS!

El grande shout-out to my friend Katy, who I met in Chile and who blogs brilliantly at Pasándolo Chancho, for this incredible video. I can only assume those llamas’ hats are made of alpaca. Tight.