For my day job, I write on average about a bazillion words per week. While I love it because every words I type feels like I’m making sweet love to the English language (ew), it’s no wonder several articles get less attention than perhaps they deserve. Which is where my ego comes in and this blog, in particular, so that I may talk up my own work like a narcissistic asshole. Now that we’ve been truthful about what’s going on here, here is a reported piece I wrote last week for Scoutmob about a new (or maybe inevitable) trend happening in DC—food trucks are becoming increasingly attracted to permanent locales.


For a couple of years now, peddling delicacies via food truck has been all the rage. What started with a few has turned into many (over 100, according to dedicated food-truck tracker, And while we love having great lunch options come to us, there are certain signs in the sweet-smelling air (thanks to all the food trucks) that may indicate things are changing, that food truck operators are becoming increasingly attracted to traditional brick and mortar locations.

Consider the recent success of Uncurbed. Organized by property matchmaker VerdeHOUSE and food truck mavericks Eat Wonky Productions, this event marries food trucks with a temporary brick and mortar restaurant setting.

“Trucks provide an opportunity to incubate a food concept, and for the first time ever Uncurbed provides the opportunity to test out a brick and mortar environment,” said Morgan Greenhouse, the founder of VerdeHOUSE and co-founder of Uncurbed. She added, “[But] Uncurbed was certainly not the start.”

While it may not have been the start, Uncurbed certainly seems to be helping to usher in a new era in which food-truck chefs are increasingly attracted to more traditional restaurants…

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